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A Priceless Treasure

This book explores Sr Teresa McDonald's early life and her time as a Sister of St Joseph in Adelaide where she served as the first Provincial of the Congregation in South Australia. By Marie Crowley


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Act Love Walk

After a long wait, this beautiful prayer book is now available. Act Love Walk is about praying in the Josephite Spirit.


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God's 'Good Time'

Do you have a belief in the Rights of others and the passion, commitment and dedication to help make these Rights a reality? Then this book is an exceptional read!


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In the Spirit of Joseph

Readers can savour the richness of Joseph's legacy as it has been handed on by women religious over centuries to the present day. This is a wonderful blend of information, stimulation and reflection.


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Julian Tenison Woods: A Life

A book that was a "labour of love" for Mary and it ensures that Julian Woods' extraordinary life story is recorded and available to twenty first century readers.


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Julian Tenison Woods: Father Founder

A revised biography of Julian T Woods shows him as a man of many gifts and unswerving dedication, 'for many an enigma, a sign of contradiction, a non-conformist, never a force to be ignored'.


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Kath's Miracle

This book tells a story of hope and redemption. A personal journey through lung cancer. A message that, when there is faith, miracle can happen.


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Mary MacKillop "A Window of Hope"

This book shows how today in confusing times "a good life is still possible". It is not a book of preaching or proclaiming the "one way". It is a book of help in a world of many ways.


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